The Life Aquatic

2018 01 25

In recent times, the best movies have been every bit as enjoyable and memorable as the movies themselves.  We have experienced a shift when it comes to music in the film not to be mixed with films songs. Nowadays, directors use favorite music as a visual aid for movies. The recent years saw some teams readjusting their works together into what is called a true partnership. There are also the real originals like the Oneohtrix Point Mastermind Daniel Lopatin who brought sounds to the movies that the world had never heard before. The shift in music in moves has exposed classic songs to a new generation and also the discovery of obscure artists. Here are some of the best movie music of recent times.

Pilgrim vs The World

Pilgrim vs. the world featured artists like Beck, Metric, and Plumtree. The fantastic soundtrack of the film is just as important as the on-screen art styling. With the battle of bands very key to the plot, we get to enjoy three fictional musical groups with original music provided by Metric, Beck and Broken Social Scene. Each of the songs signifies different rock genre next to a score that's offered by producer Nigel Godrich. The best musical moment was the Black Sheep by Metric. All through the film Scott Pilgrim is haunted by his ex-shadow. Dumping Scott during college, Envy is involved in the band clash at Demonhead. With Metric playing backup for real, the award-winning Larson tears the house down singing black sheep.

The life aquatic

Although it's a prevailing opinion that every Wes Anderson soundtrack is excellent, The Life Aquatic is both Andersons most uneven soundtrack and film alike, despite this there’s still and hidden charm and sweetness that makes it remain fresh in our memories years later. Just like always, Anderson filled the track list with classic old rock hits and pop songs that include ‘Here's to you' by Jason Baes, ‘The Way I Feel Inside’ by the Zombie’s dulcet and doses of Bowie’s ‘Life on Mars’ and ‘Queen Bitchh.' During the movie, there come the whimsical spirited compositions from Sven Libaek and Mark Mothersbaugh, but the secret weapons are the tracks from the Brazilian actor and musician Seu Jorge who gives the most iconic songs an enchanting makeover that finds beauty in them with slow strumming loveliness.

Almost Famous

Almost Famous is one of the best movies with fascinating soundtracks. Veteran filmmaker Cameron Crowe is one of the best mixtape/soundtrack curators you can find around. His 2000 masterpiece carries one of the best soundtracks in the movie industry. The story of an enthusiastic young journalist that is struck down by glory fame and celebrity efficiently followed by a diverse mix of songs. Elton John's Tiny Dancer soundtrack is one of the best moment in the history of cinema, but songs like Garfunkel and Simon's American and Cat Stevens The wind are also essential. The Almost Famous soundtrack is a must listen for every music enthusiast.