Josh Dun

2017 11 18

There have been many great drummers throughout history. Ones who have changed the course of history, they have changed how music is played or listened to and they have brought a new sound to the industry and have brought a new style to music. Many of the greats are from years and years ago, when musical sounds were still new and being discovered. They could create new and exciting sounds that no one had heard before or even thought of all together. Nowadays it can be more difficult to come up with a “new” sound. Drummers and musicians of all kinds are struggling to come up with new songs and sounds that people will both enjoy and admire. There are a few drummers that have been able to break through this barrier and have mastered their craft and have become known as some of the greatest drummers of all time. Here they are.

Bill Stevenson

John William Bill Stevenson known as Bill Stevenson is a drummer from the rock band Descendants. He is also known as a record producer and songwriter for the group. He was also a part of a number of other bands, Black Flag, All, Only Crime and a few others, but he grew to popularity with the Descendants, he is a skilled artist and true master of his craft.

Travis Barker

Travis Landon Barker was born in Fontana, California and began drumming at a young age. He first began playing for the band Aquabats but is mainly known for being the drummer of the popular band Blink-182 which he joined in 1998. He is a well-known drummer and has branched out to working with various musical artist of all genres. He is known as one of the greatest drummers of all time, he is skilled and talented and can rock any drum solo.

Janet Weiss

Janet Lee Weiss was born in Los Angeles, California. Janet is best known as a rock drummer for the band Sleater-Kinney and is also a member of Quasi. Her drumming is well respected in the musical world and she was even listed in the stylus magazines top 50 greatest drummers. A rare find as a female drummer she is breaking barriers in the musical world.

Zach Hill

Zachary Charles Hill was born in Sacramento, California, Zach is known for being a multi-instrumentalist. He gained fame from being the drummer and co-producer for the band Death Grips and the band Hella. Zach is also known for being a visual artist as well as a screenwriter and director. He is an artist in all terms

Josh Dun

Joshua William Dun is the drummer for the popular band Twenty One Pilots. Josh was born in Columbus, Ohio, he took to drumming at a young age. He began teaching himself then later took lessons. He is a natural drummer and has help create Twenty One Pilots Unique sound.

You have no doubt heard a few of these bands if not more of them and have enjoyed their sounds and of course the drumming.