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Drumming is the heart of music; it makes music come alive, it’s that sweet rhythm and melody in songs that make up tap our fit or shake our booty. It's from drumming we get our favourite beats and jams. A lot of great drummers have rocked the world, and their beautiful rhythms and melodies are still brought to life by musician until this day. Drummers, the musical prodigies who gave life to our favourite rock and jazz music. Talking of great musician in history, the like of Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Ringo Star and so on. To know more about drum legends, visit


John Henry Bonham is regarded as the most excellent drummer of all time according to the rolling stone magazine, known as the king of rock drumming. John Bonham was English born on 31st of May 1948. He started drumming at the tender age of five. He was the drummer of the famous Led Zeppelin, a British rock band. Well known for his distinctive sound for the groove, his energetic way of drumming. The musical prodigy was inspired by great drummers like Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, and Max Roach.  Stylus magazine was rated as the one on the great rock drummers list in 2007. Bonham is known as the most influential drummer in rock music and has influenced lots of drummers like Joey Kramer, Mike Portnoy, Lee Kerslake Brad Wilk, Yoshiki and lots more. Bonham died on 24th of September 1980 at the age of 32 years. He died as result of Vodka Screwdrivers he had a day before, had 16 shots of Vodka Screwdrivers.

Neil Ellwood Peart

Neil Ellwood Peart is a Canadian-America drummer and author and one of the most influential drummers of all time. In 1983; Neil Peart got inducted into the new Drummer Hall of Fame, making him the youngest ever. Neil is famous for his drumming style, stamina, and his technical proficiency. Neil Peart was inspired by John Bonham and Keith Moon, and when he started drumming, he began emulating big band Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa. Pert is excellent for his in-concert drum solos with creative use of percussion instruments. Peart later retired from music in 2015. Neil Ellwood Peart was born on 12th of September 1952 in Hamilton, Canada. Peart was a famous member of the Rush band as the drummer and lyricist. Peart played Ludwig, Tama, Slingerland, and Drum Workshop. Peart is one of the most influential drummers of all time. He has authored lots of non-fiction books and co-authored books like Rhythm & Light (2010), Drumbeats (1985) with Kelvin J. Anderson, Taking Centre Stage – A Lifetime of Live Performance (2013) with Joe Bergamini.

Bernard Rich

Bernard Rich also knew aka Buddy Rich was a great drummer. He was an American bandleader and drummer. Rich was often referred to as the world's most excellent drummer when he was alive. He began playing when he was just 18 months old. His father discovered his drumming talent at age one when it beat with the spoon steadily. Rich was born into a Jewish-American family in the New York. Buddy rich was excellent and very influential in the world of music and has as being a source of inspiration to lots of drummers in jazz and rock music. He was favourite for a particular technique, speed, and the athletic performance. He was born on 30th of September 1917. Buddy later died on 2nd of April 1987, as result of cardiac failure.