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Joining a drum corps is a social boost for high school kids. It is usually fun in the social group, and you get to know how to play instruments better. It is a platform where you get to showcase your musical talent and also learn lots of musical instruments. Below is a guide on how to join drum corps here in North America.

Get acceptable equipment

The drum corps have principles when it comes to instrumentation; they don't allow woodwinds and saxophone of any kind to march, they don't allow trombone, French horn, and sousaphone, only trumpets, baritones, tuba, and mellophones.

Know the terminology

In drum corps, they have their vocabulary structures and terms associated with them only. Below are listed words they use.

Open class/world class. These are different drum corps classes with the world class of 150 members and Open class with a minimum of 30 members and a maximum of 150 members.

International class It is a class for corps outside North America who want tour DCI.

Contra is known as the contrabass, tuba of drum and bugle corps usually like high baritones. Phantom style refers to the phantom regiments marching style

DCI –Drum Corps International which handles the junior drum corps usually between the age of 13 to 21. DCA-Drum Corps Associates which is in control of all-age drum and bugle corps.

Start with local corps

 It is usually challenging to follow; it takes a lot of your time. Making a corps is not an easy task, but looking at the local ones make the process and exercise more comfortable. DCI has more than 24 locals drum corps, mostly in different states.

Understand Gender-specific corps

DCI, the most famous association, has male-only corps like The Madison Scouts and Cavaliers but have no female-only corps in U.S.A. If you wish to join a female-only corps, sorry it’s not available at the moments.

Know your dues

Nowadays fee is a significant factor in making the corps. You have to be to pay the dues, although some corps offers a scholarship to talented fellows to help with their fees. Try finding corps which is affordable to you.

Be physically fit

Being physically fit is a quality should be joining the corps. You have to be good looking, physically fit and light weighed. You don't need to look like a boxer or a weightlifter before you can join the corps, regular push-ups and sits-up will do the trick.

Know the schedule

You have to be familiar with the corps schedule; you have to upfront and avoid conflicting between the corps schedule and your schedule.

Get an audition

Get an audition; you have to practice your drumming skills and also practice how to march and play at the time. Get ALL the necessary information like rules of the audition; you have to be very familiar with the system. The key an audition is always looking spirited, confident and positive. Showcase your skills in a mesmerizing way.

Know the corps marching style

Every corps has their style. Although you are going to teach by an instructor the audition, it is always good to be a step ahead. It makes the entire exercise easy and auspicious.

Come to audition prepared

Make sure you are properly registered for the audition. The ultimate to getting into a corps in serious preparation, you have to be fully ready and come with your instruments.


It is the moment you have been preparing for, and all you need to do is to throw in your best. It will easy if you work hard, but if you aren't chosen, you could come again.