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Drum Kits for Beginners

Drum Kits for Beginners

You’ve been thinking about grabbing life by the sticks? You’ll find drumming is relaxing, healthy, and fun. But you probably also have been wondering where to start, how much money to spend on your first drum set, that’s why I want to bring your attention to some of the Kickstart drum sets and their description so you can make your decision or dig deeper in your research. Keep in mind I will only be providing information on acoustic drum sets from professional brands but that fit all levels and styles of players.

If the sound you are aiming for is that of a vintage funk, this is the set for you. The sound made by the small tom is not really powerful, but as a whole it makes a great sound for the price ranging the $250-400. This chromed compact drum kit has a 16×14” bass drum, a 13×13” Floor Tom with a weighty tom-holder, a Standard 14×5” snare and a 10×7” rack tom. You get a sturdy drum riser and very smooth hoops.

Natal Arcadia

If you’re looking for a drum set for your first recordings then this birch Natal set is the one for you, available in many configurations and colors. With a bass drum that articulates well and punches through, to make a good sound, cymbals, hit-hat, snare and kick drum. The tom is quick but has a strong tone. This drum kit ranges from $350 to the $700’s, depending on the configuration you choose. The UXP configuration however has a 14×5.5” Snare, 16×14” and 14×12” floor toms, 10×6,5” and 12×7” tom, and a 22×18” bass drum.

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

Ranging from $650 to $850, made completely off of birch shell with a 6.6 mm thickness. The bass drum delivers a massive wallop, while the toms give fat and quick notes. With a 7×10” and 8×12” Rack tom, 17×22” bass drum, 5.5×14” snare drum, and a 15×16” floor tom. However, this set is for a bit more experienced drum players with a heavy foot and hands.

Pearl Export

I don’t care what anyone says, Pearl drums are the best set for entry-level drummers. Made of Poplar and Asian Mahogany with a 7.5mm thickness with lugs that let the shell breathe properly. This kit can be found anywhere around the $600 to $1000, but it won’t let anyone down, as its light-weighted, is easy to tune and delivers a more than decent sound. With a 5.5×14” snare, 8×12 and 9×13” toms, 16×16” floor tom and 18×22” bass drum

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Tama Superstar Hyper-Drive Maple

If you are aiming a heavier weighted kit, this is your one. Depending on the configuration you can find this set anywhere between the $700 and $1500. You can find it in 11 colors. Made of maple with a 5mm thickness of the toms and snare and a 7mm thickness on the drum. With a 10×14” snare, 14×16” floor tom, 16×22” bass drum and 6.6×10” and 7×12” toms. This kit delivers a great sound with a variety of tones, has an amazing price, is great built.