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Playing the drums is already complex enough to complicate it with awkward positions, so it's important to adjust well the instrument to avoid problems such as soreness and injuries. Keep in mind the suggestions in this article to configure your drum set, and you can see how your performance improves.

The Position of the Back and the Drum Stool

The choice of the drum stool and its position are important details to have an ergonomic position in the instrument. Without good stability, too much energy is wasted, the energy needed to play, so the chosen type must provide good stability and be easy to adjust.

When sitting, the thighs should be parallel to the floor, if the seat is too high or too low, the body is forced to work incorrectly and this can lead to high fatigue and perhaps an injury. Once the stool is properly adjusted, you have to find the right position to be seated, because this helps to achieve better endurance and a more comfortable execution.

Position of the Snare Drum

Normally the snare drum must be played with enough volume and power, for this reason, it's placed right in front of us, a little higher than the legs so as not to obstruct the stick blow. This position allows you to hit the snare drum with both hands, the shoulders adopt a natural position with the elbows and wrists so that the musculature doesn't make a big effort to hold them. This is how optimal mobility is achieved.

Position of the Bass Drum and the Charles

The bass drum and hi-hat pedals should be in a position close to ninety degrees and both should be at the same distance from the stool. The legs should adopt a V-position with the snare drum in the middle, which allows the ankles and feet to function properly to operate the pedals. It's important that the feet relax when it isn't hitting the pedal, this saves energy making a better balance of the body.

Position of the Toms

The toms must be close to each other to facilitate access to each of them. The small tom is adjusted below the height of the chest and the largest at a height close to that of the snare. By placing the toms, a little above the snare, is at a height where the elbows are relaxed and allow the wrists to work well.

Position of the Cymbals

Another reason to lower the height of the toms is to facilitate access to the cymbals. The higher the arm, the gravity acts more strongly and causes more fatigue. Also, the shoulder adopts an uncomfortable position and makes hard the job of the muscle.

Setting the cymbals below implies a natural movement of the shoulder, arm, and hand, which provides better stability and coordination. The crash cymbal should be placed at the same height or below the shoulder and close to the body.

A good set of the cymbals facilitates the rebound of the drumstick which results in a louder and clearer sound. It also allows the vibration to be lost in the air instead of in the hand. This can be applied to any element of the drum set.