8 Mile

2017 12 14

Great Movies About Music

Movies became a very important part of the entertainment industry in the past years. The themes of these movies cover a very wide range and they are oriented to different public categories. A theme that remained very popular is music. From the life of renowned artists to art currents, music movies explore the impact that music had on our lives and history. We have selected some of the best movies about music in history in order to provide you a range of movies to see in the near future.

Don’t look back is one of the first music movies that gained popularity. It is about the life of Bob Dylan and it was filmed during one of his tours. The 1965 documentary shows the ups and downs of the rock and roll community and the life of a Hall of Fame artist. The movie shows the struggle of Bob Dylan to find his path in the music industry and his own identity as an artist. The movie was released one year before his decline.

Jailhouse Rock is another older movie about music. It stars Elvis Presley as a jailed worker charged for manslaughter. Quentin Tarantino said that this is perhaps the best movie to describe how Presley really was. He had to be rude, arrogant but yet very artistic. He doesn’t care about the struggle of jail or the punishment that he receives from the jailors. He only cares about rock and roll.

Saturday night fever stared John Travolta in the role of Tony Mareno, a disco fan boy strutting on the streets of Brooklyn. The movie shows the life of a young male in the disco era and helped this art movement boom in the eyes and hearts of the public. This movie in particular shifted the idea of masculinity from was movies to a more tender option. John Travolta became a superstar and a model to the young generation after this movie.

8 Mile is perhaps one of the most popular movies about music in history thanks to the main actor, Eminem. He played the role of Jimmy Smith Jr. and the movie was shot in Eminem’s birth town, Detroit. The title of the movie refers to 8-mile road, a border between the poor district and the neighbourhood of the rich. This movie is considered by many to be the autobiography of Eminem. It shows his childhood struggles, the poverty of his community and his rise to fame. The soundtrack of this movie won multiple prizes.

A hard day’s night is also a milestone in the music movie history. It shows the life and rise of The Beatles during their early career. Without having a specific script, the director focused more on following the band around when they had a tour. This movie genuinely depicts the life of the band members and their character. Being very spontaneous, this movie became very popular among the fan base of The Beatles and a way to be closer to their favourite band.

Jailhouse Rock