The Type of Music

2018 06 30

Most people may not realize that the drummers are really very important and form the core of the band. The drummer plays the time for the band upon which all the other musicians rely. The drummer is really the person who is the backbone of the band. The goal of a drummer is not only to keep time in the band but also to supply the tonal quality or timbre of the music.

The Type of Music

A drummer is found in many bands including pop, rock, rhythm and blues and jazz bands. In large ensembles drummers may accompany other percussionists such as a person playing a xylophone or marimba. The relative contribution of the drummer will depend largely on the type of music being played in the band. For instance, heavy metal bands rely heavily on the drums. The band Van Halen is famous for their prominent use of the drums. In other bands such as stoner rock the drummer has more of a supporting role, playing a sort of shuffle with occasional fills added in. In these bands the guitars may lay more of a leading role than the drums. By comparison, drums in jazz bands may be used to create heavy syncopations and thunderous fills. Drums can be used to signal the start or end of a piece of music. A great drummer is needed because the other musicians rely on the drummer to keep time and tempo of the music. A drummer has to be a strong and confident player since so much of the music is relying on them.

The Backbone

The drums really do act as the backbone of music. You would find it difficult to find a band that does not have a drummer in it. A bass player is often positioned near to the drummer so that they play well together. The drums create a level of energy and groove in music. Though often underappreciated, drums are an essential part of a band. In fact, the music would sound very strange without the drums.

Marching Bands

A drum line is a very important part of a marching band. If you have ever watched a parade you would have realized this and seen how many drummers form part of a marching band. The drums not only make a loud sound but are an essential part of keeping time in a marching band. Since they are so loud they are easily heard and are used to set the tempo of the music.

High schools often have marching bands that have many different types of drums. Snare drums in a marching band are used to create the tempo. Tenor drums can also be used to set tempo in a marching band. The bass drum is used to keep time and to mark time. It is a very large drum that makes a low sound. No matter whether used in a rock band or a marching band, drummers are a very important part of a music ensemble.