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We've all heard about musical films, but have we ever thought of drum movies? Drumming is a very essential and vital part of art and particularly music. An artistic or a song would be close to rhythmless without having beats. Drumming bring life to music and it fills our ears with a beautiful rhythm. Anyone who has thwacked a cymbal with a stick would be able to tell you that drumming help to get stress out of your system while you are looking cool doing it too. To celebrate drummers and drumming, we have compiled the greatest drum movies in history. Check out the list below.


Produced in 1992, Wayne's world is a film that revolves around the life of Garth. Garth Got his first drum kit at a young age and later went on to become a proficient drummer. Garth stumbled into the music store room and moved to the drum section where he sits down behind a double kick Yamaha kit drum. He launches an inspiring drum solo and place to an audience of a long-hair who tells him after his performance "You're……. gulp! That was an amazing dude." "Thank you" replied Garth, turning back to his meeker self, "I love to play." He played the role perfectly and produced a punch line to one of the movies best and funniest scenes. Party on Garth.


Produce in 1996, and this movie is a Tom Hanks' fable about a 60's band. The films the main actor is a drummer guy who is a jazz-schooled player who after he joins the band he puts a 4/4 rock beat into the band's lacklustre ballad and makes them stratospheric. In one of the scene, the guy stays back after an argument happened in the studio and does some shedding afterward a drumming legend enters the studio and ask him to join him. Jam!


This flick is about an America college drumline that has lots of fresh and excellent moment, energetic drum corps playing. The film is an emotive movie focusing on a young wannabe drummer whose unconventional attitude help his school band to win a national competition with a fantastic drum-off. The star actor Nick Cannon did some drumming himself although there were some trickier close-ups done be Jason Price, a drummer. While preparing, Nick slept with a stick taped to his hands.

This is just a review, and the movies are arranged in no orders whatsoever to get more fantastic drumming movies visit this site.